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Social Media Services

Social Media, coined as web 2.0 has changed the manor in which the internet is being used. No longer are we just using the web to search for information but we are using it to communicate and share. Our social life is now online, making the world an even smaller and faster place. Brands, news and ideas can be spread like rapid fire across social networks. Users can help you reach dizzy hights or drown you before you take a breath. If social media is used wisely, companies and websites can establish themselves with targeted audiences like never before.

SEO Serious has followed the rise of social media and has managed to use its effects for our clients with our excellent services

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing involves finding out where your customers are online and engaging with them on their patch. Most elements of the marketing mix involve getting your message out to an audience, but social media is all about content generated and controlled by users.

Our social media approach delivers insights that enable our clients to determine how the emergence of social media has changed the relationship between brand and audience, and to help them develop connected brand strategies that enhance their online presence. We assimilate our SEO and Social Media Marketing service to maximise our clients online presence.

If you are new to Social Media and were wondering how to utilise Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to promote yourself here is the place to start.

Social Media Platforms

Social Networks

We all know about Facebook and Twitter. But how do we take advantage them? Is putting up a 'one off' fan page enough. Which network is the right one? A bespoke approach is the best approach to reach a targeted market. "Niche" subjects, localised brands and age range are all factors to consider whilst trying to grab an audience.

From basic setup to advanced analysis we monitor each campaign carefully to asses its effectiveness on social networks.

Audio and Video

Video is the new TV. Being able to search for what you want to watch and when you want to watch it has taken engagement levels to the next step. At Serious, we can help you reach your audience with video sites like YouTube, audio sites including podcasts like Boo or using photo sharing sites. There are a mass of opportunities to broadcast your business using viral content across the web.

Social News

Redd it, Dugg it, booked it and syndicated it. There are a host of social news sites on the web these days. People are producing and reading more than ever and once they have done, that they share it! At Serious we can help produce informative and timely content to be distributed across the web within communities that are related to our clients. Whether you would like to write about a current story or promote the company through PR sites, we can make this possible.

In addition to providing Social Media Marketing services, SEO Serious offers a range of digital marketing approaches focusing on the key areas detailed below:

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